Collected Works of Beloved

Arch Angel

Collage by Anastasia Gambill

The Arch Angel character is present through the entirety of the Beloved performance. She represents both life and death.

Scene 6, Part One

Collage by Monica Welty

The Bereaved Beloved character enters the performance with the death of her son in Scene 6. This collage uses images of the author/artist's son Harvey when he was alive in the NICU and shortly before he died, art by her living child and images and text from magazines. This piece moves from life to death and the grief and love that was and is ever present.

The Mantle

Collage by Monica Welty

The Mantle is one of Beloved's inantimate characters. This beautiufl piece of fabric unites each scene, is used by each character to express her own desires and place in time: the child's picnic blanket, the lovers' bedding, the bride's veil, the bereaved's mourning shroud.

The Lovers

Collage by Anastasia Gambill

We follow the Beloved character and her lover from courtship, to monogamy, to matrimony and veiled truths, to family and the beginning of isolation and distance this can bring.

On January 16th, 2016, we staged a preview of Beloved at Erin Leichty's art exhibit, Confluence: where our stories run together. This short film is the highlights of this event. View it here.

Film credit: Robin Washburn, David Gambill

Original Score: Chadson Barton

Actors: Anastasia Gambill, Monica Welty, Anna Fitzpatrick,

Estrella Lawson-Allen

This Beloved. The very beginning trailer.

Film credit: Robin Washburn

Original Score: Chadson Barton

Voice over: Monica Welty

Beginning Sketch

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A Story of Loss and Love